nature poetry

An ode to Mother Nature; poems that take their inspiration from the great outdoors.

What Makes the Heart Beat What Makes the Blood Flow What Makes the Wild Things Grow… It is the Story Of the Seeds Fearless Dreaming A Story of Breaking Open and Taking Root… of Not Sleeping Until the ...
Like A River Dreaming of the Ocean Feeling Her Depth in Its Undertow A Promise Made Long Ago I Am Fearlessly Flowing Home…
Karen Commane2 years ago
Magik Herb
They say weed is a drug, But it makes me feel better. They say it shouldn’t be allowed, So I must suffer. They say it destroys your health, But I know this to be false. They say it has social risks, H...
Kevin McClintock2 years ago
Just Not So Story
Crows who wear the supernatural grave black jacket of the robber, coat fan-tailed and woven from the colours of the night now glimmering and glistening in the light once sported iridescent tales equal...
Keith Kennedy2 years ago
New Home
Two goldfish have spent their entire lives living in a tiny bucket, whose water had long lost the flavor of freshness. It donned a murky cloak of flatness to it now, still and lacking bubbles. Tiny it...
Rhi Valentia2 years ago
Blue Summer Rain
blue drops of summer rain cascade down, over mountain, valley, and field alone until they find each other in the lowest places of the land giving bare branches fresh green leaves making music together...
Eslieann Lefler2 years ago
You are Earth and, I, the moon. Much held within you. I am but flesh, a fragment of you. Tossed among star dust, I orbit, hiding in your silhouette. But phase, face the sun, you of day and I of night....
Keith Kennedy2 years ago
The Green
The Empress and her age ole tricks Veiling the vision from her clueless kids Leaving blind to wander 'mongst her gifts Discovering life through untimely risks
Karen Commane2 years ago
Little baby Aoibhe, Like the legends of old, Is a great warrior princess, Fierce and bold, With a name meaning beauty, No one would doubt, Even the fairies are jealous, “She’s beautiful” they shout, S...
Bobby Deese2 years ago
Visions of Buffalo
To be awakened By the sound of thundering hooves And to see them coming over the hill At first, it strikes fear in your heart Then, a sense of calmness takes over As you feel their presence Hello old ...
christopher 2 years ago
The Garden
Around stone and iron grip bright Sunlight laughs along with the playful wind, to tease and kiss the lips of waiting flowers, whose multitudes seductively bow and dance in graceful homage to accept th...
Beneath the Stars
Have you ever stood beneath the stars Gazing silently at their light Have you ever wondered watching them Are we the only beings with sight Is it possible that way up there Alien eyes look back at us ...
Fred Bobbitt2 years ago
The Long Journey
Everyone takes his own route, But we all arrive at the same destination: The cold granite headboard awaits us all. You might choose the expressway in the city, Crowded and prone to accidents, But I pr...
The Storm
I stand untouched in the eye of the storm Nothing can touch me within Wherever I go it stays with me Guarding me like the fiercest of Djinn No harm can ever befall me No weapon can pierce its wall The...
Ron Walker2 years ago
Timeless, rolling over stone, By myself - Asserting peace, Visible only if You seek- Where am I From, Where will you go? To follow me? 'Cross the hill, And over dale- And way beyond The wishing well.....
J.T. Wellington2 years ago
Familiar curves incline descend into a garden boasting passion-laden fruit satiating fierce appetites of dyad souls donning petals of honeysuckle jasmine lavender wafting the aroma of what was.
DAVID PRIOR2 years ago
Reflections of an English Autumn
Leaves falling upon the ground, Silently without a sound, Yellow, red, orange and a golden brown, Creating a carpet that has just been laid down. The days are colder and darker now, Colds and flu flourish but we survive somehow, It's not long before the clocks go back an hour, And when it's cold outside we turn up the power. As October marches on, and we move into November, The red poppy comes out, it's time to remember, It's over a hundred years since the Great War broke out, And historians wil...
Kashyap Patel2 years ago
My Angel
She descended slowly from the heavens, On a starlit night in the misty mountains. She brought flowers in her dark tresses, And moonlit meadows in her brown eyes. Cloaked entirely in majestic moonstone...