nature poetry

An ode to Mother Nature; poems that take their inspiration from the great outdoors.

Paul Crocker2 years ago
I've noticed one thing when reading past work. There's an animal that drove the poets beserk. It's a reoccuring thing. And it had the burdens of the world on its wings. The birds that these men wrote ...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Admirals of the Skies
They are the admirals of the skies. See how triumphantly it flies. While patrolling coasts. They proudly boast a presence which you can't deny. Though some may be a pest. They always look their best. ...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Happiness Belongs To Me
I felt like nobody cared. With me, no secrets were shared. A lonesome soul was I. Until I was given the love of a special guy. Then I could clearly see. That happiness belongs to me. Was left by every...
Mary Sukala2 years ago
Blue Winter Wood
we built Us with a capital U a treehouse in a blue winter wood (the one we stumbled upon together in the dead center of our clasped hands) you pounded every nail into every board i tarped a makeshift ...
Jessica Smith2 years ago
Waves crash against the shore, endlessly, forever more. Each one a twin to a million other, identical to its next-door brother. Each wave sings as it passes under the sky, voice raised in song, though...
Ethan Stiles2 years ago
A son of man No; son of sam Transforming all strife On a journey through life Softly, seeking some meaning Searching and Keening For someone to lean on Something to believe in and bond With some memor...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Bloodiest Bloom
They say the rose is the flower of romance. That its appearence can put you into a trance. With good reason this fact is known. From the devil's claw it has grown. Do not wonder my thinking unrational...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Flaming Branches of the Ozimanda Tree
Can you hear the calling through the woodland maze? The original sound leaves but the echo stays. You follow it through winding trails. Into your heart it deeply impales. Those flaming branches of the...
Anu Pandey2 years ago
Field of clouds cover, golden rods in the meadow; breeze brushing on them.
Marcus Davis2 years ago
Weather the Storm
Shady people lonely nights Bad days and nothing's right Rain clouds follow you No one seems to follow through With plans made because they're involving you Something to break you down to make you stro...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Business starts with the waking of the sun. A few seconds of a breeze and it's already begun. Hovering over the lake's water and keeping it undisturbed. I admire the way you let yourself flit and surg...
Luke McNamara2 years ago
Meditate for me, that you are internally serene For a moment; you can allow the chaos to leave Your mind and your body. Close your eyes, You’re under an oak tree in midsummer. Glide your hands through...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
I Won't Sail With Sheep
On the river bank, they wait like brooding clouds, waiting to rain. Staring at me with dark, beady eyes penetrating my soul with pain. They look harmless but I know they want revenge for all of the ju...
Fred Bobbitt2 years ago
I Saw Myself In the Morning Mist
I saw myself in the morning mist as it hovered o'er the lake. While I watched the vapor vanish, I realized my fate. The mist keeps rising skyward, till it falls in drops of rain To complete its vital ...
Rae Elliott2 years ago
With Life Comes New Leaves
In this life, we are trees, but with new life friends, comes new leaves. Yes, we’re blown and whirled about, but sun still shines amidst our doubt. We have roots set deeply in, knowing that we tree ar...
Moses Ingram2 years ago
An autumn chill is in the air Autumn nights are cool and clear… Leaves are falling to the ground Gently slowly without sound Days abate and night grow long Southward fly the birds of song The blue jay...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Adventures of the Water Drops
Floating around in an oceanic womb. Some so deep in the liquid tomb. Individually invisible to the naked eye. Until they fall from the sky. These are the adventures of the water drops. The sun looks d...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
What I Believe
Pass me by and dare you not take a second look. At the face that held the smile that you took. Commit me to the ground for the words I've said. For I know you'd rather see the person who spoke them de...