love poems

Love poems for hopeless romantics; I'm the poet and you're my muse.

Isha Khaneja2 years ago
I see her every day, But today, there is something special about her, Something I haven’t seen before The glow on her face, The twinkle in her eye The glitter on her cheek The secret in her smile And ...
Jordan Furrow2 years ago
What Dear Eyes
What dear eyes, Aye, you have darling. What seems to be The problem is, For what it's worth, Equivalently valorous to The symmetry trio. This "hasn't" is "was" And what's More to be found, but must, I...
Yusrah Kumbee2 years ago
Letting Go
It hurts to let you go It hurts to see you leave I've been striving to live It hurts so much, it hurts a lot Luckily, I'm in the last stage of grieve It took me a century to achieve It's the hardest c...
Ben Luxon2 years ago
Imagined are Infinite
Imagined are infinite, But understanding; see Boundaries thus added. Emotion illusions, think to be free Soar as sparrows Between you and me. Limitless Should be left where it is Words describe shape ...
Karri Duperron2 years ago
My Love
lips so warm, hugs of gold. Smile of happiness, laugh of goodness. hands so nice, eyes so bright. You make me happy, You should already know that.
Nathan Fox2 years ago
Home is Where the Heart and Mind Meet
Passion can burn so hot that it spews forth uncontrollably, that is the brand of passion you brought out in me. The anger was regrettable yet the passion was well-earned. In the moment I struggle to k...
Geraldine Taylor2 years ago
Beloved Has Become
To see beyond sight, a vision of the night Of eyes that would amaze, the stillness of your gaze Windows of your soul, capture and behold Delighteth thee Ever-crescent moon, of harmony in tune The dawn...
Cash Hogan2 years ago
Premature Love
When I'm alone, I am calm. Silence is the sound of my peace. No rushing rivers or winds blowing through the trees can compare. But when I see you. My heart beats like an African drum. My mind runs lik...
Jack Rabbit2 years ago
To The Angel Sent From God
My first encounter with an angel, From a moment spent in hell, Came a time of light, When I began to fight no more, And it seemed that I was done for sure, She dove in and grabbed my hand, As I was si...
Piper Suscha2 years ago
Five Things You Didn't See
One. A girl with her hands waving high. She was waving at you, despite that she's so shy. Two. Her scatter brain, with your words in her head, driving her insane. Three. Her late night songs. She list...
Amy 2 years ago
How It Should Be
Don't know much about you Just when I was growing frustrated Everybody's doing it And I'm doing it wrong Or am I? You heard I might Bite and Cut Both I do Again, what are the odds And my they be in my...
The Veteran General
For some, a final resting place: Into the arms of holy grace Goes a creature so profound That her feet don't touch the ground Where broken's fixed And potion's mixed Feed the dying - Where the crying ...
Karri Duperron2 years ago
Five Years Ago
Five years ago, I lost you. It was a flash before my eyes, I couldn't even blink. Couldn't hear a sound from you. You were just a memory I kept close, I didn't even know if you were alive. Five years ...
io .2 years ago
Aesthetic: A Late Apology
Everything was perfect about you, Except me I was the flaw in your everyday, The stain on the tapestry that is your life I never knew why you stayed I was messy and unreliable, Never knowing what I wa...
io .2 years ago
Aesthetic: For Him
I love you I love you when it’s cold outside and you let me seek comfort in your jacket I love you during the night when wolves howl and the moon shines I love you in the early morning sunlight; curle...
Kisella Kopciuk2 years ago
To You
31 hours away, It breaks my heart I feel this way, Caught off guard you came unto me, “I was honestly lost, but now I see” Thoughts of you flood my mind, I wish that we had nothing more but time. Time...
Raven Aurora2 years ago
I am earth, bearer of the primordial womb; Time plants his seeds within my hinterland, Life takes root: nourished by sea and sun, Continual pulses emanate from the deep: All beings and many inanimate ...
Kisella Kopciuk2 years ago
This Moment
I have butterflies in my stomach, And these thoughts that are in my head, About a future and a life, But one where I’m not dead. See, I never thought I’d be here, And honestly, I’ve asked God why, But...