love poems

Love poems for hopeless romantics; I'm the poet and you're my muse.

Neon Odyrah2 years ago
The Night Danced
There are some feelings one can't express It makes me to believe that joy comes in distress I have an event to attend, a promise I must uphold Though at this point, the tide was rough and i did almost...
Neon Odyrah2 years ago
The Dancing Maiden
This day would probably remain in my memoir For I was weak, to even lift a single finger But then I get the oppurtunity, an amazing one To hang out with an angel and her friend Energy out of the wind ...
Jennifer Lynn2 years ago
You and I Moon and Sky
The light of the moon. The shine of the stars. I see you are running, so I will open my arms. Run into me, run into my warmth. Your secrets are safe, my promise I've sworn. I can't tell what is real, ...
Janet Cardwell2 years ago
No More Us
So tell me, when does your heart begin to feel If your stubborn mind blocks what's real? What is left for a girl to do To make you realize what's in front of you? You say that alone is what you want t...
Dean Martin2 years ago
You say that you love me, you hug me, you do cute faces to make me laugh, you even bug me when I seem a little sad, but I'm not stupid I know where I stand, you and your man, y'all got kids but what t...
Anna Palmer2 years ago
No More Death
You cry for me, you say you'd die for me, I wont let it happen anymore. You have a sadness in your eyes, You say you aren't a prize, Yet I say you're that and more. You don't see what I see, You don't...
Anna Palmer2 years ago
I Shall Rescue Thee
Come away with me, and be mine, And I shall show you the wonders of my world We have all this life forever a time, Let me lift you into the sky with my wings unfurled I shall show you the sky and ocea...
Jade Domone2 years ago
The Fulfillment of Absence
I miss you. I will Always miss you. And I am okay with that; I have learnt that In order to feel love—even Though we never called it that— You must also fee pain. So I’ll miss you tonight, And I’ll mi...
Amanda Grimm2 years ago
From Grey To Red
I am Darkness I am not lost I sold my soul A reasonable cost I am not a Demon The Demon is my friend By my blushing side Until I meet my end I know your light Will keep you from me Ignoring the truth ...
Kourtney Risher2 years ago
This Bartender Serves Me Some Spirit
I came to a hole in the wall bar on a hot and dark night in August, the month of my birth. I approached the counter looking for death, but life filled my heart when she spoke to me. She asked asked me...
Amanda Grimm2 years ago
Exciting sensations A kiss on the chin Own my soul Breathe me in Take me to a place Only in my dreams My body unraveled Ripped at the seams Pound, my heart Flee from my chest Take me over Lay me to re...
Kevin Wortman2 years ago
Love's a Threat to You
When I met you, girl, there was no doubt I was a mess, I was down and out You showed me there was more in this place You really put a smile on my face Then, one day, it all came crashing down My shini...
Sammie Smalley2 years ago
Hard to Love
I try to be good enough, But it seems that could never be. How come true love, Isn't always what it seems? I'm a beauty with a brain And the kindest heart Yet every time I try and show myself They jus...
Silke Boak2 years ago
True Love
I rang you: crackling connection, slow sound waves. You did not answer. I rang again. Memories of laughter hollowed out with each passing ring. Time travelled by for too long. Thick and musty and heav...
Ashley Pineiro2 years ago
A Pisces Lady for a Sagittarius Man
It’s not an ideal match. You’re a fiery centaur and I’m Venus tied with Cupid. A cusp of Pisces/Aries; I’m boiling water. It’s not an ideal match, but it could work. We’re connected in some way. We in...
Sammie Smalley2 years ago
Losing Myself In You
Your heartbeat slows. As your rough hands grasp my waist tighter and you pull me closer. My cheeks perk and my smiles back as you kiss my forehead. Still listening to nothing but the sound of your rap...
Juan Sabala2 years ago
Not Allowed
To be human is something I know not of Yet the feeling in me is what you call love. Peace is carried on my chest as a snow-white dove The thought of my love makes my cheeks flush Sigh I don’t mean to ...
Nico Johnson2 years ago
I await the day That I can say That my hands Hold another’s heart I await the night When I turn Off the lights And see their eyes In the dark To come home From a long day And know that I make their Da...