love poems

Love poems for hopeless romantics; I'm the poet and you're my muse.

Bazooka Teaches12 hours ago
Trouble Love Shut
I should keep my mouth shut, especially when you wear silver earrings with lipstick that you never wore before You know, one time I fully confessed to you in my mind It felt like a full frontal image ...
Sam Rodas17 hours ago
Colorful Sonnets
Red. Art thou an apparition of my heart, Or an aspiration of my mind’s hope To succumb to the want of real life art Or to be involved, to thou upon dote. To see thine in a place of wellbeing Can make ...
Gulraj Bedi17 hours ago
Fallen Apart
Janice Montecillo17 hours ago
An Open Letter to an Aerospace Engineer
Don’t tell me That love is easier than rocket science That somehow throwing an object into space isn’t comparable to throwing the biggest vehicle of love into the most beautiful thing in your life I’m...
June Kawano19 hours ago
What I Would Tell You If I Could
I would tell you that I don’t want regrets, That I’m only doing this to save myself, From the regrets. I would tell you how much I’ve liked you, How all the words you’ve ever said still lingers so muc...
S. C.S.2 days ago
When you fall in love for the first time... You feel light as air. It feels like everything in the world is going right! Your smile glistens and your eyes glow with hope. You're all warm and tingly in...
Amber Klein2 days ago
What I Really Wanted to Say
Every day I check your horoscope what I really mean is I like you What I really mean is When we touch it feels like there’s a hummingbird inside my chest Whose wings flutter against my heart strings s...
Blake Dylan2 days ago
Colors of Love
Purple was every first: love, kiss, mistake, and heartbreak. She was thunderstorms in the late summer, paint brushes with residue left on them. She was nature trails, crystal clear water, melting ice ...
Morgul 2 days ago
A Song for My Love's Funeral
You'll float with me gently to the heavens Severed of our beautiful wings I think we'll stay there forever Far into the northern lights Those aurora washing tears from my eyes Your splendor will blind...
Samy Stoerkel2 days ago
Heavy Flames
Dark brown hair with his sexy smirk how can I resist, his lips so tempting and plump I’ve fantasized about them on me for months; when will this fantasy unravel and take its course, his lips I can’t g...
Amber Klein2 days ago
Ten Honest Thoughts About Being Loved by a Married Man
Ten honest thoughts about being loved by a married man One I hope one day you’re brave enough to risk everything for me Two It was a perfect kiss Your lips were the getaway car my lungs and voice foug...
Bazooka Teaches3 days ago
Don't Laugh
Don’t laugh Even though I like your smile Don’t make me hurt Your world, I don’t know Don’t laugh Even though you don’t notice I yearn for your company Your body, an inexplicable glee Dark brown full ...
Kelly Wang3 days ago
That Never Happened
Maybe I missed the point The ending shouldn’t be this rushed You could’ve called it a quit But you didn’t and we both lost. Put you through a trap But I did not meant to leave like that I thought it w...
Eliza Vargas3 days ago
The Dreamer
I love the idea of magic! I wish it were real. But who am I to say it’s not? Some say magic comes in a feeling, One that it is like no other, Like in love or in a kiss, More powerful than any other. L...
grace evison3 days ago
Risking Love
Love is and always has been a risk Doesn’t matter with who or when you choose to take it I'm just confused as is why everyone’s so scared to make it Everyone has broken hearts That’s not an excuse Why...
Aiyanna Monae3 days ago
these waters run deep currents between my legs pushing warmth within me giving me fevers the best antidote is your stiff body the air here is cool a great place for healing your place the best place i...
grace evison3 days ago
I’m tired of being the person people go to when their significant other can’t fill a void It’s nothing new in fact it seems that’s been my job to give others that little joy I try not to get my heart ...