Inspirational poetry is just the thing to lift your spirits or rejuvenate your creativity.

Hadley Adkison5 months ago
I Crave; I Wish
Vincent Carre5 months ago
Thoughtful Heavenly Town of the Mind
Thought’s of weight. pulling them up, brings mental strength—the mind is of heavenly ruins. The bloody emotions rain down by the steel-half-buildings. whilst the hopeful lifting may bring an ideal fut...
Queen Earth5 months ago
You see all that is within me Know all that I could ever be Fighting, struggling, wanting to be free From the cage locked deep inside of me I cry no tears even though your pain is tormenting And for a...
Holly Santonato5 months ago
Captivate my soul Teach me the unknown My eyes are blind so I can’t see Can you take my hand and guide me? Captivate my own belief Changes surround, my mind can breathe Be present and awake to say I m...
Stephen Chan Wah5 months ago
Handful of Stars
Grab a handful of those stars, String them on a chain of enchantment and far away dreams. It’s funny to think that a year could seem to pass by like nothing, But a second, A second could mean everythi...
Yasir Khan5 months ago
Thoughts of the Oppressed
Thoughts of the oppressed, The world continues to bleed, Thoughts of the oppressed, As humanity begins to see, That violence breeds hate And Hate always wants to feed. Thoughts of the oppressed, And y...
Cat T5 months ago
Oh To Wander
Adventure calls to the wandering spirits -marauders -hell raisers longing for life and the risks She so wholly praises. To stay put is a sentence As good as death row for the people who seek rosy-chee...
Matthew Martin5 months ago
Failure Is Not the End
Life has a lot of hurdles. It has so many, They'll make you wanna curdle into a ball, if any, They'll send you to the darkest pits, They'll make you go through the biggest fits, They'll throw you thro...
Steven Baldry5 months ago
Positive. Sometimes when I look around it’s all negativity I see. Angry faces, bitter hearts, selfish people held in their own captivity. By the TV, the Radio, the Newspaper's front page... It’s all T...
Tatum Jacobs5 months ago
The Girl With the Painted Thumb
The Girl With The Painted Thumb I walk through a hall My hands grip my books And of all my fingers Only my left thumb is painted Why? Why only the thumb? The questions drift through The air and into m...
Jack 5 months ago
To Courage
You fine and dear friend, Whose nature ne'er bend, And life lived out through countless being. I look to the ground, Without admitting sound From my mouth, my hope is to not flee. Give me virtue, give...
Shayla Nguyen5 months ago
My days will always be filled with sunshine, Put on a mask and hide my tears. I am broken, Drowning in poison & wondering if the pain is gone. I met you. You put a smile on my face, And as years gone ...
Steven Baldry5 months ago
Fear Or Love
Fear Or Love. There is a place as beautiful as any dream you can see. Where you can achieve all you’ve ever wanted and where you are free. It’s just pass the darkness that can blind you to the beauty ...
Jlynn Sheaks5 months ago
Rain, it feels so cool against my skin It makes me feel so free Each drop of rain that falls upon me, Releases all of my fears and doubts I love how the rain makes me feel It makes me feel hope and re...
Maddy Mycue5 months ago
It is nights like this I watch her win. Watch her pull the girl out of the body, watch her take the will out of the need to survive. I watch her feed. I watch her consume; Feast like royalty. Cleopatr...
Josh Drawhorn5 months ago
I Will Find You
I've searched for you for so long. Countless nights and countless days. I don't have the mental capacity to completely count the ways. I've searched for you at the peaks of towering mountains struggli...
Davina Zacharias5 months ago
Things About the David Boy
he has a big nose, but he makes it work. I've known him for four weeks, so I don't know what colour his eyes are but I understand enough about his heart to know that they, his eyes, are probably unive...
Helen Lynne5 months ago
Not Better or Worse, Just Different
Built of lioness courage of so many mothers, The embodied echoes of billions of others, And all the strength of those gone before. We’re always enough inside our own hearts, Feel not the need to look ...