Inspirational poetry is just the thing to lift your spirits or rejuvenate your creativity.

One Day, I'll Thank Myself for This
One day I’ll thank myself for pushing through all the obstacles I done had to climb over Using my natural gift to uplift more than just the children All that it ever took was willingness A willingness...
Success Syndrome
The biggest downside of being an overachiever is when you underachieve Damn, I had to get into Kean University just to find out that shit? Congratulations, you made it to the New York Times bestsellin...
See Me Now
People who once told me how ill I was— Only if you could see me now. Females who trotted out on me when times got rough like those days after Hurricane Sandy in 2012— Only if you could see me now. My ...
Molly Roche 15 days ago
My lovely sister Or brother to me I know you are hurt You know I can see It's all ok You are not in trouble The scars on your arms Are just your double To express your pain Is not your shame Hiding yo...
Phoebe Dykstra16 days ago
How Difficult Is It?
"Wah Wah, this is difficult and life is hard!" ⁣⁣ I work to playfully crumple that belief up and replace it with a truth that serves my happiness. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ "IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!⁣⁣ IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!" ⁣⁣ Here goes!
Phoebe Dykstra16 days ago
Argillite Kisses
Last year I wrote a song for a friend, my partner at the time. I was proud, so in Phoebe fashion, I recorded myself singing and put it on YouTube. I recently discovered that some people around where I live, know me as an internet meme, a joke. Hearing this hurt my feelings and took me for a spin. I now realize that those voices are not my friends. I will only listen to voices that encourage me to do what I do and be who I want to be! Here is my story, and may I present to you Argillite Kisses, a...
Phoebe Dykstra16 days ago
How Can I Love Myself?
After 8 years of staying silent, or giving a fluff response, when being asked the question: ⁣ "HOW CAN I LOVE MYSELF?" ⁣ ⁣I now have an answer! (THANK THE HEAVENS!)⁣ I have found a key and have been putting it to work.⁣ I'm so happy to share this with you! ⁣
Phoebe Dykstra16 days ago
How Much Is Enough?
Despite having had a wonderful upbringing and always being provided for, I still managed to engulf myself in scarcity. When I was younger, I would cripple at the thought of going to a restaurant with anyone. What if they wanted to share food with me? What if they ate some of my fries and there wasn’t enough for me! Thankfully, I’ve been able to move beyond this, but I still carry parts of the old energy with me. The never enough mentality, S-C-A-R-C-I-T-whY when I’ve got everything I need? I wan...
Phoebe Dykstra16 days ago
Whose Fault Is It?
It’s so easy to blame others. What if! The next time you go to point your finger... You pause. Could this be my fault in some way? Yes? This is where you take your power back, so you can make a change! Even if only in your own perception.
Andrea Jardine16 days ago
Failure is the most beautiful gift To receive But the hardest To accept We’re taught to fear it To hide desperately For it will attack And weaken you As if it’s a ravenous beast Stalking you from the ...
LIFE MAZI17 days ago
Trips in My Mind in the AM Ch. 4 + Ch. 5
The pain from my womb Reminds me that there are things Bigger than my love for you. Though now I understand it was one-sided This will be another lesson learned And one that is needed too. I caress my...
Dear Anxiety
Dear Anxiety, You must really “love” me, don’t you? You’re with me everyday, and you always show up even when I don’t expect you. Why don’t I just wear a sign that says “I have anxiety”? You would cre...
Another day here all alone Nobody to talk to No hand to hold No one to hold me and tell me Everything's going to be okay A heart full of anger A heart full of pain A heart that is longing To be free f...
The Overflow
give in to the present open yourself to love. there are plenty of lives that have been destroyed or about to be. we are cursed and often unkind. we destroy everything we touch and walk blindly amongst...
Kenna Carlson19 days ago
The Life-Bringing Curse
Time is a gift to all mankind. Though it is also a curse. It is always fleeting, forever changing. Life itself is a time bomb, and every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, it gets closer to...
My Dream
Like most people, I have dreams for the future. But there’s one dream I have that’s different than the others. This dream expands so wide, that it has become nation wide. This dream is not just for me...
Helen Murray20 days ago
What is life if there is no spice? One might dispose of it in a trice. Life without laughter and life without joy Is no life at all so it’s Spice we deploy. Spice is flavour in the meal we prepared. S...
Natalie Mullumby20 days ago
Inspiration Comes in the Weirdest Ways
Poetry and photography have been in my blood from a young age. I learnt "old school" photography development in school and always enjoyed getting out and about taking photos. As technology evolved so ...