Inspirational poetry is just the thing to lift your spirits or rejuvenate your creativity.

Ashley Bonneau2 years ago
The Journey
Nothing left to lose The spirit of the struggle defines us. We are holding on to what makes us who we are. Hold on to who you are, Search within yourself. Keep moving forward but do not let yourself f...
Philip von Grave2 years ago
Let's dive down the formless arrays of the colours before us; taste the moisture of the hidden songs in every ripple, waltzing down every inch of these droplets, fallen from the heavens, waiting to em...
Chad Burke2 years ago
"This Man Toll Is Taxing"
She's a breath of air, at the bottom of the ocean. So I just sink into the thought of her and keep hoping. Truth is the only universal language, there ever needed to be. Lies are pollution and sometim...
Neon Odyrah2 years ago
The Triads
I stand on the beach, gazing beyond the horizon I am thinking of why i am so different from other citizens In a good way or bad way, i am yet to decide For within me, i know the truth resides There ar...
Neon Odyrah2 years ago
The I That I Am
How do i describe my future How do you describe my nature Who do you say i am Who do you think i am Do you know me well enough to describe me Do you know me well enough to trust me If i were to be an ...
Is anybody truly themselves or do they put on a front for the sake of others? Do they act and dress to be accepted? Do they favor things because that's what the majority likes? Are they so scared to l...
Malika Young2 years ago
G a y Three letter word; So fitting and broad. Dogmatic in its arches— Sitting in the distance of the man; who wears his hat; Bows his head; and winks his eyes. Shoulder to shoulder he weeps. Lifts hi...
Michael Gallegos2 years ago
A Writer's Prayer
Praise be the word, Its kingdom reigns, Such sovereignty, Gives meaning plain. Hallowed be its refrain. To bring understanding So eloquently shared. Giving existence name. Blessed be the speech, Bless...
Crystal Korpan2 years ago
Super Powers
Never was much of a girlie girl, Now, Harley Quinn, that's my type of gal, She rocks that bat, You don't want to mess with that, I would love to be on the Justice League, That's my scene, Wonder Woman...
Ryan Vrba2 years ago
This Road Called Life
Life is not a straight through road. There will be dead ends and detours. You will climb up high into the mountains and ventures deep down into caves. Some roads may be paved while in other instances,...
Malika Young2 years ago
What I Want in My Life
What I want in my life Is to be loved Wrapped against the cold sunrise. Is to be valued against the odds. Is to live like I’ve never lived before. Is to hug those who’ve given their last breath in fig...
Malika Young2 years ago
The Glass Ceiling
Wherever you are: Stuck on a train, Mowing the fresh grass, Morning breakfast turn to waste, Fixed in beeping horns, and urgent sirens In bed—blurred lines of melancholy. Just to be breathing on this ...
Addiction you are an affliction '' I stay attached to you '' even though I feel so blue. You have the power '' and I have fallen from the tower. The pain is so insane '' My emotions feel so much pain....
Just a Drop
Every morning, every second is a decisive moment. The sour taste of every lesson is a destructive torment. I keep a straight face, but insane mind, a grey coat so I can paint white, stretching my slee...
Julio Gonzales2 years ago
Today is the first day where you say it's time to get up and get on your grind. No more standing in line waiting to clock in just to build someone else idea of a win win situation, it's called progres...
Suze van Dijk2 years ago
A breeze will be a storm Whispers turn to screams A giggle will be a laugh A thought becomes a dream
Jocelyn White2 years ago
The Mighty She
She was no taller than four foot nine But built to be a warrior, a goddess, A queen of the forest and wind. The mighty She, an Amazonian today. She had the potential To conquer armies with one arrow A...
Pamella Reid2 years ago
Y.O.U. R Light
Sometimes we feel like we don't belong Why am I here, where is my song Whether you believe it or not you are here for a reason, the reason is to shine Shine! You have a uniqueness that only you hold D...