Inspirational poetry is just the thing to lift your spirits or rejuvenate your creativity.

Jessica Smith2 years ago
Too Good
You don't push to get your way, You're comfortable, confident, and honest. You're fun and kind, you don't pretend. You're a dream come true. Too good to be true. My mind says, Take it slow, But my hea...
I beg of you to acknowledge my flaws. Understand how scared I am of some people, well really of them all. I am fearful of things that may come off extreme I am scared of you leaving me for me. I don't...
Creative Hub2 years ago
Significant are the days in a year, Stretching to form a whole year. Signaling the events to follow, Strengthening the bondage to grow, Stimulating the efforts to continue, Spreading the zeal to multi...
Bobby Tequila2 years ago
My Haiku #5
diamonds on the ring * a pair of champagne glasses * sparkle a lifetime
J A Miller2 years ago
It's Always Sunny
It was a warm time It was a quiet time The air smelt sweet And the earth felt soft And I baked in the Sun's rays Silent distant humming Comforting my ears And I rocked on my chair The sincere sky alwa...
Paul Crocker2 years ago
Beam Of Light
Dirt clouds the eyes of the living. Darkening of man is appending. There is a glimmer of giving. Because my heart is defending. With a beam of light. A mile of sparkling hope. To overcome shadowing st...
PattiAnn 2 years ago
Dreaming Us Into Heaven
Dreaming us into Heaven Meet me down the river in the midst of the wildflowers so we can float on the Lilly pads down the Nile of love. Dressed in Happiness we walk hand in hand, Returning to Rainbows...
Anthony Jackson2 years ago
It's Amazing how 20 minutes can change up your way of living, you play up a million visions of things that you never witness. your whole perspective shifts as if something just gave ya wisdom, it come...
Chelle. B2 years ago
What's On Your Mind?
What's on your mind? I log in and see what's on your mind?, Michelle. I think about this as I scroll. Does anyone really care? Well if you do let's take a stroll. As you can see I have two sides. One ...
Illya K2 years ago
A kindred spirit of hope and laughter Raises limits that much farther You see, you hear, but cannot touch The reddest blush as rose as blood itself Lights darker depths of void of self Not recognised ...
Rosa Carol2 years ago
In the coldest of hearts Like a flower stuck in the concrete of winter It's getting inspired It's in actions and words, It's a verb A smile that picks you up from the gravel stone dirt It's perspectiv...
Yvonne Glasgow2 years ago
Your Misery Is Not My Company
Today I was reading a bunch of articles on toxic relationships. My mom was toxic, my ex-husband was toxic, and I seem to have had an issue with attracting toxic friends. I wanted to read up on this su...
Crystal Korpan2 years ago
Mysterious Ways
I am happy I am here, that I have you and family near. But I am also trying to find myself, who I am. Don't get discouraged with me, please keep with the love and support that I need. I lost who I was...
Bobby Tequila2 years ago
My Haiku #3
stronger than you think never surrender to dirt one brick of a wall
Sydney robinson2 years ago
Invisible Woman
Her wonder and grace is far past what the eye can see. More than the masses can attain. Far more than skin deep lies a story ready to be read. And yet the book remains closed for many aren't wise enou...
Crystal Korpan2 years ago
HOME, we finally have our own, Our flowers growing in our yard, with twinkle lights. We set our place up nice, took a long while to get here. Didn't know if I would ever say it, "I'M GLAD I'M HOME" I'...
Crystal Korpan2 years ago
When I think of art, Pictures, for example, I love getting lost in thought, The beauty that is captured. The outlines, the colors. So expressive! The same happens when I listen to my dark music, The s...
Rachel Loney2 years ago
Alone is Safety
I can only feel real when I'm alone. I am only here once everyone has gone. And they do leave. Very few can see me through these masks and shields and swords and wars. I haven't seen my choice in year...