fact or fiction

Is it fact or merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the myths and beliefs we hold about what makes a good poem and the poetry rules that were made to be broken.

Gigi Ma month ago
For some sad reason, I will always feel alone. No matter how hard I’ll try to hang out with friends or trying to communicate with them. I will always feel alone. Sometimes I don’t, but those are rare ...
Scarlett Price3 months ago
Don’t Fall for Me
Love is a very confusing and a wonderful feeling. I must give a word of caution. I’ve had tainted love. Misunderstood love. My heart is on the mend. I’m not perfect. My body isn’t model like. My inten...
RJ Saxon4 months ago
Horseman on Old Hallows
Silhouetted figures walk through the night. Children in costumes they cause such a fright. It's the time of year when we shout 'Trick or Treat' Kids knocking the doors on Old Hallows street. Aptly nam...
Troi Speaks4 months ago
An Idle Mind Is the Devil’s Workshop
An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Into the idiots: neurosis. Staring out into nothing in particular, just forward, ruminating. The iPhone, now only a nifty gizmo that acts as both a watch and a fl...
SKYLERIZED 4 months ago
Trade It All
In each transaction made, The buyer and the seller smile. In each effort to make a trade The mutual returns go on for more than a mile. Every time a good is exchanged for cash Money glints in the spar...
RJ Saxon4 months ago
The Pugilist
Ducking and weaving last round now in sight. The bell for the twelfth to finish the fight. To be the victor be the best on this earth. Giving all to prove his worth. To be the Champ fulfill his dream....
Mr. KUTZKY 5 months ago
Millennial Chant
I wanted to savor that one last sip of evil before they washed away it all and we walked hand in hand, heart in heart, into the futures call. I may be deranged in contrast to the norm but on my birthd...
She Chants6 months ago
Imagine if, in the black community, there were no schools. And a certain few taught themselves to read (wink)... Says a man to a man, “Brother, tell me, please, what does this word say? I think it cou...
Trevor Lloyd6 months ago
Existence According to Robert Frost
Sometimes, as humans, we tend to go about our average, busy lives without realizing what might be lurking behind us in the shadows. Is it pain? Grief? Death? We are so caught up in the hustle of our "...
Chris Cross6 months ago
Looking Beyond the Light That I See a Story of a Job Corps Student
As I look beyond the light that I see, I wish I was only by the sea. Hearing the waves of the ocean shores, And hearing the Laughter and the cash in the stores. But here I am looking beyond this light...
Habon 6 months ago
My Confessions to the Clouds
Sometimes I believe that creativity can just be a fleeting thought. The idea is that I am starting to feel suffocated by my own thoughts. My mind has begun to conjure up suppressants to hold at bay th...
Katrina Chase6 months ago
Real Life
Old school edict is now extinct Years have passed in just a blink. Guess too many are now jaded, Respect for others has faded... It is only pity those people seek No tolerance for that kind of weak. T...
Chase Dahl7 months ago
Perspectives on Life: I-IV
Creation I A fruit The source of our truth A choice An acknowledgement of imperfection A beginning Of newfound unity In our trials A world In need of fixing Our world In need of change II Creation mea...
Timothy Moss7 months ago
Time Is Now
I Come From A Time Where I See Poor Women Rise And Rich Men Crumble, Where Freaks Are The New Normal And The Normal Is Shunned Upon, Where The Silents Becomes Heard And The Loud Mouthed Become Quite. ...
RJ Saxon7 months ago
Opportunity Knocks
Five years a Teller got a job he loathed. Deposits withdrawals mortgages loans. He dreamed of a life not shackled but free. To live out his days more comfortably. A fortunate day his stars were aligne...
Charlene Ellison8 months ago
Two Sides to a Story
It is said that no matter how much it hurts they say tell the truth I agree with honesty is the best policy, yet everyone was not raised right So, they leave pain like a bad aching tooth Be a man…Be a...
SKYLERIZED 8 months ago
Rich and Full
Cooperation Is a hallmark of Capitalism. Yes, you may face the Competition, but The driving force of This system is to Learn how to work with Others. Now, this by No means says that you’re Selfless. I...
Chalyn McCarter8 months ago
Art of the Surreal Healer
Excerpt of Fact, or Fiction...?