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A Sickly Sweet Story from the Mind of Me

The syrup stuck to my lips, sticky and sweet. Peaches, reminding me of summers, of hot sun on my skin. The green tea reminding me of winter, big jumpers and cold fingers. Together they mingled inside of me and created a sensation similar to jumping into a cold pool after being in the sun for hours.

I walked down the busy street, the heels of my boots making a satisfying thud along the uneven path. Another slurp and it made me tingle, every taste making me want more. I could see her through the glass doors. I walked in, drink in hand and making myself see, the click of my heels loud against the tiled floor. She smiled at my oncoming presence. I smiled in return.

She wore a light pink lipstick, thickly applied and sending sparks of light into my eyes. “Do you wanna try my iced tea? It’s to die for.” A quick gulp before handing it to her, leaving a small piece of me in to ingest.

She reached for the straw, mouth first and took a sip, her lips pursing and making small crinkles around her face. Pulling away a small string of saliva followed. That was me, clinging to her, never wanting her to leave. “mmm, that’s good,” she replied, her eyes looking into mine.

I took the cup back and immediately went for the straw tongue first. Not breaking eye contact with I made sure she knew I wanted this, her inside of me, her DNA swirling in my mouth forever. I slid the straw into my mouth and sucked hard. Her cheeks became red and I knew she knew.

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