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Swimming in Open Veins

A Poem

Severed strings of liberation

Desolation coalesced into

ever'long deprecated embraces

Faces frozen within plutonium dreams

The remains of night given requiems

as callous judgments convey cynicism

We hail!

En Memoriam for cleansing

In black holes we've become


chasing Leviathan through

white amorphous heaven

Burning pneumas explode when

the limelight turns red

Swept away

we've parlayed

Encompassing all of our past


Rain washes away our ashen

caustic teratisms

We give the third degree in quantities

Bleak hope of understanding

but all in dismay

We carry over into our

world beyond one shred

of cogent reality...

... someday this will be over

... the end will burn through

... there is a last time for everything

And with our demise we shall

recompense to this Earth

While we all swim in open veins

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Swimming in Open Veins
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