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Sweet Strength

Sun's Destruction

Some days
Require you to be soft,
Flower petals in the warmth
Sweet scents filling nostrils–
Other days
You have to be the sun–
So scorching all shrivel beneath you,
Singing nose hairs with the proof
Of your ability to destroy.

You are not required to be one
And never the other, 
Not required to be beauty
Without a little beast,
Not meant to simply
Fade away and crumble
To dust beneath shoe
Without creating your 
Own devastation. 

Despite the words
That swirl in print and voice
Sweetness comes with strength,
An ability to bend without breaking,
To balance and grow–
But weakness comes 
With the lack of ability to change. 

Welcome your fire,
The heat that grows your petals
And floods your veins with a power
That no one else can touch. 

Katrina Thornley
Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author that graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She lives in the middle of the woods and enjoys hiking, photography, painting, and candle making. 

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Sweet Strength
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