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Sweet Poison's Kiss

A Supple Death

Softly planted on the unknown, seductive to the touch

Inviting to the taste, nestling my love onto yours

Not knowing the fate the lies beneath.

Power amounted infinitely,

Drags you to a beautiful euphoria.

Leaving you there to drift along the stream of orgasmic bliss

Just to sink into Love's bleeding death.

How could you have possibly known?

Disguise, the sweet words in which the cautions honey's lies

You aren't the first.

To fall helpless, paralyzed with one heartfelt encounter.

Continue to taste the memories along with your pillow mounts, recalling of a moment of once was,

Crave for me once more.

Need my dangerous lace, sustaining life which I would graciously...gratefully steal,

Like a phantom in the night.

I inhale your scent,

Feeding off your desires,

Leaving you light-headed.

Yes, vulnerability reveal yourself to me

A lust hungry vampire.

Leaving a chuckle escape,

A mischievous child's laughter.

My way is always the right one

As a dog would pant,

Letting the poison take course.

Suffering is inevitable

No anecdote to the common man.

To run away is just foolish,

For once you've had my sinful kiss.

The vines of despair have already taken root,

The poison's kiss has sealed its fate.

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Sweet Poison's Kiss
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