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Sustainable Storytelling

Using VOCAL to spread the love of giving a sh*t and inspiring others to follow suit

Earth is home.

A home needs a Heart.

Your home will die without a heart.

Did you know EARTH and HEART are spelt with the same letters?

Did you also know our earth is dying?

Now STOP and ask yourself WHY you truly believe that is;

Is it because you started to care too much about how things look? 

Is it because you allow tangible things to define your self-worth?

Is it because you feel it is not your problem to fix?

Is it because we have lost compassion and forced away empathy, and allow our lives to be driven forward by greed and judgement? 

I believe in order to mend our Earth we need to allow our Hearts to open up again and feel empathy and compassion towards all living creatures; neighbors and animals alike.

Our brains to think about sustainability, acceptance, and healing.

Our wallets to only open when needed; and on purchases we have thought through. 

Our hands to help those up that have fallen down on hard times.

And mend our souls by practicing gratitude, finding and focusing on the positive even in negative situations, and loving ourselves enough to have the confidence to set boundaries when needed, but also stand up for what we believe in and have faith others will do the same.

Healing our hearts can possibly save the Earth, and that to me is absolutely beautiful 😊

-- a makeshift poem by Jenny Crumb 😉

I spend some (more than I would like to admit LOL) of my free time finding out about & researching amazing initiatives and businesses, and sharing about them on social media. It gets me really excited to see highly innovative products and services being offered that are purposely focused on sustainability and making an impact. 

I have personally started a page on Facebook in hopes of creating an online community full of like minded people, as well as a local group focused on news relevant to Niagara. My newsfeed was being overrun and I was pretty sure my friends were sick of it so that is how these pages came to be LOL. I would love to have your presence, so here are the links 👇

Authentic Impactivists Movement #AIM4Change 


Niagara: Authentic. Sustainable. Local.  

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Jenny Crumb
Jenny Crumb

Jenny is a busy on the go mom of two that is passionate about sustainability, mental health and eveything in between. She takes prides in herself for being an Impactivist by advocating and educating others how they can also make an impact!

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Sustainable Storytelling
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