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Surviving in This Dome Named Earth

Burdens to carry...

Comprehending & learning so much in this snow globe reality of sin

Traumatic situations that occurred in yours truly living timeline pushes me as the stormy wind

Demons in human form who claim to be comrades & family are in disguise with a grin

The level of trust issues increases rapidly as Alaska's largest blizzard

Applying more faith & hope to move forward as others have Masonic powers or is a wizard

An industry that understands that you're valuable but treat you unfair as a slave being fed chicken gizzards

Behind this strong smile, my emotions changes colors as the skin of a lizard

Over the years of pain and suffering, life still becomes extremely bitter 

At this present as the second to last day of 2k17 in the winter

Enduring the unlimited pain in this land of enslavement; survival mode excels into high gear

Father Nah Jirah my Provider haven't given me fear

No matter how much pints of red cell I lose or release the amount of tears

In the Messiahs' predicament of carrying my cross of burdens, getting stronger each & every year

Heart of romance is now sleep in the graveyard,  sorry to bust ya bubbles dear

Forgive my outburst

All I'm obtaining is pain and hurt

Pointless of the repeated situationships that starts by couples leading to flirt

Taking the initiative to exceed further in this firmament dome earth to succeed before my shell returns back to the dirt...

Darryl Campbell 


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Surviving in This Dome Named Earth
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