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'There's Still Clay in My Toenails'

The main body's ordered strangely because I spelled "I Am A Clay Footed Bastard" vertically.

Damn Mother...

I know best

All that I do is for the greater good

Matters not if you see it now, I've donned my hood and I'm

August, flawless, nonpareil

Crested over forests on the summit of a flying montain

Looking over totality, spewing existence like Fountain Geyser. I am an

Apogee, I am wiser than the wisest of

You. Quite

Frankly, I'm just fuckin' around.

Oh, thank me

Oh, thank me

Thanks are in order, I've blessed you with my

Effortless, royal presence while I jest

Dressed like a harlequin, I'm ruling mannequins

Brilliant, esoteric words spill from my lips

All hail me, I am a

Sage. A stentorian mage

Tenaciously lucid

Gracious and fluid, but please don't get confused.

Real, genuine humanity is what I offer

Don't be discouraged

Everyone can flourish.

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