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Sun Turns to Moon

From a Collection Called 'Psychosis'

Photo by Ben Brooks

it is one of those times when my mind races

going tons of places until I am exhausted and it finds something else it chases

searching for spaces

spaces of pieces in peace

as I slip I tighten my shoe's laces

seeing many people around me

i stare in their faces

with this looping mind

new thoughts get erased and wasted

scooping my moments inside their own placement

tossing them around and walking by adjacent

i'm looking at moss on the ground and visualizing a soft safe basement,

tell me, am I insane or just merely complacent?

like a breeze without a care

wind through my hair

beyond despair

in this moment's lair

somewhere new

an ocean blue

in the unknown of souls I never knew

wherever my gaze so choose

as a fast man on the road

hopping like a toad

imagination the abode

warm or cold

feeling deep embraces 

greeting fresh faces

exploring spaces

inside elsewhere, my mind chases.

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Sun Turns to Moon
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