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Suicidal thoughts


I thought of you 

When i was 10

I remember 

Being yelled at

And writing a letter

About you

I remember when i was thirteen

Thinking i shouldn't be alive 

Thinking of you

Thinking to myself

How easy it would be to just leave

Thinking to myself

How my breathing would cease

Thinking I could end me

Wouldn't it be easy to end me?

I thought of you When i was fifteen


Depression took me in


I thought alot about you when I was nineteen

Battling so much 

I cried knowing I needed help

Cause you was on my mind 

Too much

I got  help

In the form of pills

and wise council 

And you suicide 

I think of no more.

Dawn Coleman
Dawn Coleman

I am 20 yrs old and a college student. I love to write, read and learn. I love poetry. I'm trying to reach $5000 so I can go back to live in the school dorms. please help me reach my goal by reading my poetry and my stories.

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Suicidal thoughts
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