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Struggle to the Sky

You will find your high.

I’m not who I was

Therefore I can not become who I thought I should be

I have to overcome all these demons inside of me

Sometimes I want to run

As far away as the eye can see

Maybe distance from myself

Will be what finally puts my mind at ease

I contemplate on if it’s me or society

Am I holding on to the latch or do they hold the key?

All I know is my knees are getting weak

Can’t ask for hope much longer when the god I don’t pray to weeps

He says,

Don’t give up just yet, your destiny lies beyond the horizon’s trees

Don’t be too upset, who you are now is enough to conquer these

Emotions you feel are blessings in disguise to appease your will’s tide which will soon come crashing violently, it’s worth your hell’s ride

Just around the bend, your happiness subsides

Keep trekking until the end and you’ll stop wondering why

Everything has been rough around the edges

All you’ve wanted to do was hide

Soon you will emerge

Into your great blue empty sky

New beginnings will unfold,

No need to cry

Everything you hurt for was just getting you ready to fit your next mold

You will find,

There you will prosper without being told

Your stars will align

Keep doing the same old, it just takes time

Enlightened from all your past struggles

You’ll bring to new people what they were missing in others

Your mistakes, your misgivings, the sins you partake, and your absent lovers

Everything will make sense, once you find each other

What keeps you awake will soon be the reality you dreamt of

Your heart no longer at stake from your present bust

You will find where you belong

Keep treading along

Dreading the prolonged

Patching up what went wrong

You will heal completely

After all the harm is done 

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Struggle to the Sky
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