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Random Poem

Me and my strap

Me and my gat

Me and my hoodie

Me and my pants 

Fuck on a cop and a sheriff

Motherfuck the mayor

And the money that he spending //

Had to join the Army

Had to go to college

Had start shooting

Just to pay for education //

Ain’t new to gangbanging

Ain’t new slanging

Cops in my view

Make me feel like the matrix //

I can’t fucking take it

Panopticon my mind state

Flipped out on a copper

Locked me up for three days //

Acid in your eye lids

Make you go psychotic

Shooting up some heroin

Smoking on some chronic //

Getting high as god

And Muhammad and the profits

Feeling like a halo on my head

cus my heart stopped //

No recusitation

Tattooed on my sternum

I might put the long sword

through your fucking sternum //

Tattoo on my neck says don’t fuck with


You can catch some bullets

If you fucking want em //

Yes I got a long gun

It shoots automatic //

Spray like Jackson pollock

Blood stain on your hairline

Paint like Michelangelo

Blood spurts on the wall now //

Paint you up like Van Go

Cutting off my ear lobes

Send that to my main bitch

Hope she like the gesture //


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