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Stop Bullying


Children are fragile to the touch

That is why kind words mean so much

Kids have different weight and height

So, when bullies target someone he or she uses force with all their might

But it does not make it right

It does not make a person weak

Reaching out for help in others to seek

Advice to end the abuse and torture

That has been belittling and horror

It leaves scars even the ones you cannot see

Every moment they had to flee

Bullying has cost self-esteem and lives

Stop the Bullying is required for the children to survive

No one knows how serious it is until it happens in your home

Then it limits the places your kids can roam

It makes you a coward if this is you

But only if you knew

What goes around comes around is so true

But I would not even wish you blue

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Stop Bullying
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