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Steps: How to Hurt the One That Said; "I Love You," but Didn't Mean It

“When he bites her and she’s writhing on the floor, in her full orgasm she breaks the table. They missed it. The most erotic thing I’ve ever seen on TV, and the censors missed it completely.” - Sarah Michelle Gellar

I remember sitting up there, blood on my knuckles, beer down my shirt, sick on my shoes, and seeing the orange glow of a new dawn break and knowing in my heart life would never feel this good again. And you know what? It never did.

Solution: 1

When your heart breaks into pieces and no longer wants to breathe, why not

vanish them from your thoughts. Go morbid to the point where they never existed and never look back. Leave them to the dogs and get Starbucks.

Solution: 2:

While they look into your eyes, the best revenge is telling them you love them

and never speak to them again. It may hurt for while but why not let karma take its revenge.

Solution 3:

Give them no reason to tell you the fake lies of I love you, act like you don’t care and act better then you have ever been. Once love is reduced to a contest, it’s no longer worth chasing.

Solution 4:

Cry in front of them, trust them and give them your heart. No, sweetie forget all they said and break a mirror, leave them to drown and never frown.


Ignore them to hell to high water, your prince may not be on a white horse but the idiot sure as hell isn’t the one stuck in a tree of stupidity.


Allow your makeup to run and ruin your perfection.

Really no, because your perfection isn’t worth their mind games,

so make yourself pretty and eat.

Solution: 7

Become the bitch of spades, and flip

a joker because that’s all he really is. So give him

mistress and leave him. He isn’t worth breaking your heart.

Solution: 8

Put on headphones to drown out the sound, the pain

of heartbreak and send a text of all the things he’s done wrong.

Solution: 9

Look into his eyes explaining how he

was only one who made you happy. At that time when you with him you were the happiest you ever been. Have your best friend hold you and say he isn’t worth these

tears but those words you never hear. Make him feel the heartbreak he dosed you with.

Solution: 10

Stop skipping meals, stop saying no to guys just for him.

Sweetie he doesn’t want you, start smiling more with the guy that actually wants you.

Make him yearn your presence once again.

Solution: 11

He says that you're his best friend, the first person he’s ever truly trusted,

the one he claims is his truest friend, but you don’t wanna listen. Your throat is full of roses

and your eyes are full of champagne. Don’t cry in front of him.

Solution: 12

You are worth so much more then you could ever know. He may

speak sweet nothings but your heart is worth more then his thousand words.

So ignore his messages and walk with your head high.

Solution: 13

Make him fall in love with the girl he once loved and treat

him the way he treated him, just another played girl, who thought

she was the only one. His only one.

Solution: 14

Take a look in the mirror, love yourself and believe

your beautful because once you learn this you won’t no longer

need him. He’ll be hurt and you’ll finally see you can accomplish

so much without them.

Solution: 15

One day when you hear his name you’ll no longer smile.

You’ll become free.

Solution: 16

If you get played like a deck of cards, wind up three queens and behead the man that claims he’s king.

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Steps: How to Hurt the One That Said; "I Love You," but Didn't Mean It
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