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Steak Dinner

Steak and Mistakes

I ventured away from the pen
and I won’t be doing that again.

Slipped into the abyss

watched a minds judgement collapsing

I just sat there letting time do it's passing

I knew watching the show

why I kept a firm leash

on where I let myself go.

Those trails of thought

were something I was not.

I wound up there

on nostalgia and availability

A hot combination that

let waste make a mess of me

I walked out that door,

kicking myself

because I had closed it before

The man I’ve been making

out of this boy

was going to need

sixteen days of salvation

and a few alterations.

The situation wasn’t as simple

as the work I had to do within me.

There was a partner to this crime

that needed even more work

done in his own mind.

It’s difficult to watch a brother go.

You can serve him advice

with a nice steak

from a high end diner.
But you can’t fix the flaws

when you weren’t the designer.

So I sewed myself back together

and reinforced those old holes in my leather.

Left him a fine steak

and wondered if he’d do better.

Got back to my desk

picked up my pen,

and wrote about a strange time

I had with an old friend.

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All things dark and strange, the beauty of complexity, the isolation of integrity. Honest articulations on the perks and pitfalls of both. Keep your mind sharp and a sword to your heart.

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Steak Dinner
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