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Stay Family, Company

A Poem

Alcoholic mom

Beating infants in an outworn romper

Sirens going off

For something else

Nobody stops her

The little kids are taking it

Like it doesn't hurt that bad

Their lives are fairly easy

Just don't make mommy mad

10 shots of titos

She might start breaking windows

But it's better than their faces

And it's better than the stories that gotta keep up w the bruises

If only their dad were here,

Too bad He's busy using

His kids envy the way he looks at his rig

Everybody knows smack is worth dying for

If only your kids were a good enough reason to live.

Dad only comes home every other month

Three days at a time

Til mommy’s no more fun

He says everything will be fine

As he storms out the front

Shuts the door just in time

For it to catch what ever mommy had in her hand

She tells herself she needs a man

someone to talk to

To latch onto

She sobs in her bedroom

Because there's nobody else in it

She tells herself she needs a man

So she could see what it's like to be loved again

She hates loneliness and she hates being left

She pops her Prozac with a swig of something clear.

She slips into her favorite outfit

Spends 30 minutes drinking in front of a mirror.

The kids are at the dining room table eating store baught cobbler.

They all look up to see mommy wearing her outworn romper.

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Stay Family, Company
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