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Stay Creepy

It’s Friday the 13th, make sure to pet a black cat and tell a spirit you love them.

Eat, drink, and be scary.

They say I am



My brain is

the very graveyard

that ghosts haunt

and goblins mark.

Were blood becomes

my rivers and lakes

as I taste the galaxies

in the crevices of my


They whisper stay creepy

as black lipstick floats

from my hand like

spiderwebs that sit

upon my eyelids

I can taste the blood

on my tongue that becomes

the design on my

white communion dress

I can hear them whisper

sweet nothings, dark satanic

calls but I am nothing

but the sand in the hourglass

I kiss the dark lord on the very lips

in the graveyards were

I've danced on graves and

tasted sweet blood

They say I am psychotic,

they say stay creepy as I

become the sand in the hourglass

my eyes have finally turned


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Stay Creepy
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