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Starving for the Spotlight

A Poem

She said, "I want to reach for the stars and pull down the sky." She was determined to leave this small town behind. Following her dreams led to a downward spiral and those who claim to know her today would be the same ones to deny her tomorrow.

She's doing the best she can, trying to make ends meet but those bills are stacking up and she's got no time to sleep. She's emotionally impaired and scared of what the future brings, knowing she won't always have her figure to get her what she needs.

"Don't eat that, you'll look fat." They say the camera doesn't lie but there are some who are willing to stab you in the back. So watch your back in case another mother furthering her career in this business tries to step in and hit you off track. You know they're always looking for someone better, someone not as tethered to their dignity as you seem to be. You're not as expendable as they lead you to believe.

Bodies photoshopped and cropped to fit into the cracks of the consumer's imagination but you were made for something greater. You're just not sure how to escape this. Those little, white lies that you disguise as alibis penetrate deep beneath the surface, into your carnal mind and give you a reason to believe there's nothing else you can achieve without the help of those who exploit your innocence for their own greed. I mean, fame comes at a price but how much of yourself can you sell before there's nothing left to buy?

You’re not just another contestant, you're feeling the pressure of being accepted causing you to become anorexic. Feeling like you'll never be good enough for anyone but to One you are precious. They labeled you, "Ms. Fortune," thought it would be a good play on words because being rich and miserable keeps the audience coming back for more.

But you hate it, manipulated by the ones who promised you those same stars that you wished for as a kid. You couldn't have imagined it would have turned out like this. The faces may have changed but the story is still the same. What more would you give for fifteen minutes of fame?

So to those who enjoy the show, tune in for the next episode and take notice of how well they embarrass your favorite celebrities. We are oddly satisfied which is a sign of our own greed but nevertheless, it's a part of entertainment that we now call "reality."

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Starving for the Spotlight
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