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Starving Artist

Money is obsolete when you're the most valuable thing in the world to me.

Playing a song from 35MM: A Musical Exhibition. Photo by Julian Glasthal (@tallglass_photography)

The mountains have eyes

As they watch my every step

I open my arms on the cliff side

And wait for you with bated breath

Conformed, confined

Easily accessible pills 

That poison the mind

And take control

While the plants I ingest land me on parole

The world is unjustifiable 

Every action I perceive as malice or treason 

What clarifies it all for me

Is you, as you are my reason

The air I breathe wouldn't be the same

If you didn't breathe it 

Before saying your name

Introducing yourself to me

On the first day of school 

My brain was dead set on your beauty

I didn't know what to feel

I was trying to decipher

If someone that beautiful really is real

What I saw, with my own eyes

Was the picturesque girl

I vividly painted in my subconscious 

All those years alone, in solitude

I couldn't focus on the sheets of music

All I thought was, even If I had a chance

I'd still lose it

She's out of my league

All the mental gymnastics promoting fatigue 

"I want her, I want her bad!"

Screams my confidence 

Locked away in a cell and a box

Down the harrowing hallways of my brain

I hear a mere echo, nothing more

I'm a starving artist

As I'm starving for your affection

No other word does you justice

Other than the word perfection 

I fawn from a distance

And keep on the desire 

Hoping that one day a spark catches fire

And now I can say that I'm thankful

For all you've done for me

As for the first time

I have heard my heartbeat

Let the wax drip from the candle

That burns nice and slow

As that's what I want to show

That I'm willing to do anything

To have your heart close to mine

Because when I'm with you

Everything is divine

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Starving Artist
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