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Starry Nights on the Island of Lesbos

Two Women in Love

My breasts against her breasts is all I dream of,

Could this strange sensation be called love?

Her juicy and soft lips are mine for the sucking,

When I'm on top of her, her hips perform bucking.

Her nipples, like two huge bright medallions,

Arouse my senses, just like riding young stallions.

When I go down on her, employing my tongue,

She feels full spread of my love, which I happily flung.

Her freshly shaved legs, her beautiful feet,

When I kiss them, my heart sends out a strong beat.

My baby likes to please me, kisses my whole body,

Having her full attention, I never feel shoddy.

Two women in normal sensual relationship,

Sometimes, when nights are starry, we even use a whip.

Our lovemaking, virtually, has no limits,

We fully surrender, like two dimwits.

She's my honey, my sweetie, my everything,

Softly whispers to my ear: "We're bounded by love's string.'

Island of Lesbos, the place to discover your inner light,

Let it shine sisters, let it shine through eternity, very bright!

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Starry Nights on the Island of Lesbos
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