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Stargazing (White Dwarf)

A Poem

I see you on that stage,

penetrating our hearts with words that can cut through steel.

But what of your heart?

I see straight through your shades,

black and a preview of the status of your soul

Your body is as thin as the Hand that’s trying to take you from us.

Your teeth fall out like the pieces of your will that have crumbled and turn to ash,

leaving behind fragments of a bright star.

The poison that fills your veins is slowly eating at you.

It's Eating at your self-esteem. Everyone you love. Your fans. Your life.

I can’t stand here and watch your star turn into a white dwarf.

I wanna take your hand and tear out the parasite within you,

but I’m just a random face in the crowd.

All I can do is watch as the smack leaves nothing left of you but your legacy.

These other loyal fans don’t have a clue,

but I see right through the shades that hide your fading soul.

No matter how much it hurts to think of how much we will miss you

and how much more sweet music you could make.

I hope you know that when the last light of your brilliance is doused,

we will carry the torch made from the embers of your ashes.

We will sing your songs,

for the darkest corners of your soul

have given us light.

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Stargazing (White Dwarf)
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