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Stare at Me

How could you look away?

Stare at me.

Go ahead, stare at me.

With that love in your eyes

Licking your lips

Eyes flickering away and coming back to meet mine

Stare at me.

Think about our laughs shared

And our random talks that had nothing to do with anything

Stare at me.

Now think about the times you've made me cry.

The times you've made me feel stupid

The times we yelled at each other

Stare at me.

Now look away.

Now look back at me.

What did you look at when you looked away?

Was it her?

Stare at me.

Tell me truthfully: it's because I pushed you away, right?

Because I told you to wait

Wait too long

You're leaving now and I pushed you away for someone who doesn't even care

Stare at me.

I'm not as beautiful as her

I don't have little button nose like her

Or a cute laugh like her.

I don't push myself towards you

Stare at me.

Do you still feel the same?

Or have you transferred your feelings?

From me to her

You're recycling our random talks

And you're making her laugh at the same things that I did.

You're reusing our memories for her.

In front of me you say something you've said to her.

She laughs and you act as if I'm not there.

You move along with your day as if you didn't just rip my heart out of my chest for her.

Like you didn't just deliberately move me away for your next love.

Stare at me.

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Stare at Me
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