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Stardust and Wanderlust

And everything just keeps crashing.

I'm lost, stuck on this rock, swirling sea of dust and wanderlust

Fighting my upper crust to get to the molten core, the roar

Of failures exploding in my subconscious, they mock this

Raucous shanty of soul, enclosed in old coal, like a splintered shoal

Broken round the atoll, of life

And everything just keeps crashing, smashing against my shores

Filling my pores, wearing me away with each passing day

Each new mind I connect with, match texts with, select with

Is like a fresh whiff and breadth and width of fresh air

But it lays me bare, every tinge, every feel, every look, every stare

Stabs through my flesh, pours blood fresh, every caress

Raking daggers across my chest

The land and sea, bedfellows, enemies, friends, lovers, haters

Creators of enmity by purely existing, inimitable


Finding myself and my place, finding God in every face

All the hurt, the pain, I crane

My neck to see what comes next but only death lies in the text

And this mess we've made I try to undo without clues as to the blame

I bleed every time when I give my heart to the rhyme

And rhythms are for sinning when you've got so much more for the giving

When tides thrash these shores I submit this may be it

Resolving that I reside in a purely open state, it may be too late

To change the fact that the gates are breached, the lifeblood leached

Every time I drown myself willingly before the next wave, I think I save

Myself somehow but never is that how it works

Accept, embrace, be willing to face what comes next

It's in the stardust that wanders through us, the four letter text

If only, each time, this love may kill me, but each rhyme

Connects across gender and sex and plumbs the depths of a thousand ancient mysteries

Unknown to our histories, by the Holy Threes and Triad Green under sacred trees

Where an unknown breeze brings humans to their knees

But I'm lost on this broken rock, swirling sea of stardust and wanderlust

Lost in the rhythms and rhymes of your hearts and charms, in your arms in your minds

I am the volcano, molten, ready to erupt with passion, waves crash

And all the world ceases, silence fills the night sky, stars slowly burn into the universe's fabric

It's magic, it's science, it's fully non-compliant with everything we ever knew

Here's this lump of coal

Beaten and molded and forged in the rhythms and rhymes of fire and love

Till diamonds do appear, set in the void above

JA Laflin
JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin loves the metro areas as well as the beautiful Oregon scenery. They run a small publishing company and have authored fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and dabbled extensively in music and the arts.

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