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Starboy, We're Starbound

A Poem


Do my eyes

Need words

Do they need explanation

Because you up in the nightosphere

Takes my breath away

You made a home for my heart

On the moon

And placed all the stars at my feet

Looked into them and asked

How many years

It would take to reach the end of the


Coated in tears of giants

Looking to the window that is

Your voice

You destroyed what I had

And gave me better

But that's all subjective

Because you left me

At the edge of the universe

Crying the tears for both of us

It took me so long to

Realize that my eyes

Do not

Speak for themselves

And I express myself now, starboy

We are starbound

And I feel it

Deeper than my explanations go

But I don't know how long it will take us

To get there

I'm sorry, I know you're impatient

But remember me

When you make a home on Jupiter for

Your next one

Because what we had


And ruined what was there

For miles 

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Starboy, We're Starbound
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