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Shine on.

A star in the night sky is beautiful.

Yet, so lonely.

Shining in the dark abyss, trying to light the blackened night.

Her effort goes unnoticed, for she is so insignificant compared to the alluring moon.

The moon controls the tide, the moon is the true light in the dark sky.

The lovers kiss under her moonlight.

The moon is what the star hopes to be.

The star will never know that she is part of something so much more beautiful;

a constellation. 

The star will never know she is used to guide lost sailors through the deadly seas,

or that broken-hearted people wish upon her.

Begging her to answer their wishes and prayers. 

The star tries so hard to be the moon. She shines, and shines.



She explodes.

Self-fulfilling prophecy. 

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