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The branches of the naked skeletal tree bended with the wind. Night was becoming, the moon would soon be here, and so would fear. Dead leaves scattered across the icy ground, there was no one to be found--or seen. But there were eyes watching, that were keen.

The moon arose, full and bright. The creature growled, with all his might. Just one bite. This creature was a mystery, he had a lot of history. His eyes so fierce, blistery.

He looked up at the moon, a grimace on his face. His hand on his chest, yet there was no heartbeat.



A twig cracked, then a gasp, the figure's shadow black. He knew her voice, yet he had no choice. The thirst drove him insane, her sweet scent embedded into his brain.

A shrieking cry echoed, she struggled...then her yell became muffled. His stone cold hand pressed against her warm mouth. The sweetest taste he ever tasted, was now wasted.

For her emerald eyes, he'll never get to look into again; her cherry lips, won't know his kiss, again; and her love, he'll never get to feel...again.

Her body was now cold and limp, and he was discontent. He let her go, eyes downcast, remembering the past. He felt hate, regret, and pain; for his soul was no longer there. He was stained for eternity. He would never know love. Just blood.

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