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Spring Time


Spring time 

New blossoms and blooms 

It's full of life 

However something lingers 

It brings in its wake oppressive sadness 

I don't know you and I can't act like I did

But the oppressive sadness I feel looking at everyone crying 

It does something to people even if they didn't know you or like you, you can feel the weight of it.

It's the nicest day all year 

April 23rd 2018 will always be a marked day for certain people, they have no choice but to remember it. 

You can hear the birds chirping from inside this building and footsteps, but no talking. Here and there you can hear the soft sound of someone crying.

I contemplated whether or not to go to the restroom to perhaps think about life, but as soon as I relized I shouldn't go for there would be a mass of people swarming in there, some close to you or some you don't even know 

I don't want to be subjected 

Everyone is quiet and everyone is still listening for you

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Spring Time
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