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Spoken Word

Never change yourself to please others!

Escaping the pressures of expectations, while setting limitations on others opinions of me.

Breaking free of disapproving stares and walking through life confidently without a care. Some say I'm different because I don't get excited about socializing or partying.

I tell them a good book and music is my definition of a good time especially when it keeps me sane and clears my mind. Often I wonder how the world had become so materialistic equating value to frivolous things, but don't appreciate the company of those who matter.

All the while they're faking smiles and being subjected to meaningless chatter. I love being in the company of silence and ever so often I adore a little noise.

Yet, I yearn for those noises to be sounds of the oceans waves, trees swaying side to side on a winter's night.

A tree branch tapping at my window as if it was hoping for an invite into the warmth.

I never thought that choosing to be myself meant I haven't experienced life, but now here I am second guessing and thinking twice about how they cannot see the value of themselves.

Why is it they choose to be like someone else? 

Has society had such a control that they are comfortable allowing 

others to pull the strings? Or have they suffered a devastating pain that forced or caused the change. 

I could look in the mirror a million times and see a person I recognize, but do others still see the person they were before or has that person mentally died? 

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Spoken Word
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