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Spiritual Love

2018 Series

It’s wired into our minds

the shaking at the knees...

the embrace of living the moment

the motion to please.

God, I know

I lived those moments

that I'll never live again

I made it clear to myself

all away to the end

That life saver embrace

that I couldn’t take his place

of the man above

that spiritual love

And he knows

where you are right now

protecting your every move somehow

in your new adventures in love

He can stop praying for that Spiritual love now

Spiritual love

that's what it was

Spiritual love

I could move on now, just because...

...My attentions were always real..

for you and me both, with each passing season...

I was there for a reason

To have taught us a lesson, on love and it’s unperfection

that we needed to move on our separate direction

but I still feel you...

and probally always will

at 11:11 that’s our time, in our other world

Spiritual love that's what is was

Spiritual love

I could move on now, just because...


...Spiritual love

That's what it was...

Spiritual love...from the man looking out for you from above

[email protected] 2018

P.J Mimo

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P.J Mimo
P.J Mimo

Canadian writer born in Montreal, Quebec

Started writing poetry in 1996 after a failed relationship with a young woman.

Follow me on Facebook @P.JMimoOfficial

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Spiritual Love
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