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On the Universe and You

we're all going to die in the end

as years pass, we'll be forgotten

we try to find meaning

to create a purpose

but we're all a bunch of atoms

making up a bunch of cells

i'm just a clump of cells 

that tries to keep surviving

just like every other clump of cells

we're clumps of cells on a pebble

we use dead clumps of cells and bunches of atoms

to make our happy brain juice flow

we use vibrations to argue with and manipulate

our fellow clumps of cells

we act like our lives depend on finding other clumps

a clump of cells to stay with and make more clumps with

but all of our clumps end up breaking down

and we become part of the pebble

so tell me why anything matters 

i am only a clump of cells

not much unlike any other clump of cells

i am not important

our pebble is not even important

we are specks in a vast emptiness

you are not worth my effort

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