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Soul Search Job Search

A Poem

photo by Andrew Pons @a_pons

shaved and hoping

interviewing for different futures

wanting the gift to give

liking my schedule

liking the freedom of unemployment

But debt grows

understanding interest rates and net worth now

I wear my hood low as I walk on the high streets

as my suited self is judged

stuck in deliberation

chasing bird shadows on bricked sidewalks

fueled by crap snacks and plans for the future

waiting to create my overture

feeling like my life’s on hold but still I move forward fast

searching for solutions in descriptions and qualifications

3 hours to kill before she gets off

3 hours to fill

j-walking sideways

Money I want to earn it

moping past outstretched hands

tightrope walking between potential outcomes

show me how to look

like a mannequin on Newbury St.

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Soul Search Job Search
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