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Soul Mates


She was the bosses’ daughter

He saw her for the first time in that two floor mansion


Her figure

her silky dark hair

her smooth skin

she was tall and slim like a model

He sat under the tree, dreaming.

hoping they come together,

Despite her parent’s wishes.

But can that really happen he was nothing but the garden



Long hair coving his eyes

Daylight meant goodbye,

But nighttime was a new hello.

He secretly admired her through her window.

Short nightgown

she sits in front of that mirror,

brushing her beautiful long hair

he watches her sleep from

her bedside

brushing her hair with his fingers

he poured out his fragile heart to her

on a life-changing note,

admitting his love for her

her humiliating response pushed him down a black hole

once you're there, you'll die there.

he lost his innocence.

Now every time he looks at her

It’s clear that

He must take her down that hole with him.

That night, he went to her room

watched her sleep for the last time

“26-year old woman missing…”

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Soul Mates
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