Joshua Lino-da Costa
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For you feel as you feel right

I fell before the line

But knew I had to finish.

Although broken in several places

My heart would not diminish.

Although sound had escaped me

And taste was nought but ash,

A light brought me back home

With one simple blinding flash.

And a figure clear stood before me

A tear in its eye;

Smiling and nodding peacefully

Before starting to cry.

I knew that face, I knew that tear

But still I lay so still.

So the figure moved towards me

As my life felt so surreal.

It lifted me up and held me close

Brushing hair from my face

And carried me slowly onwards

To drop me at my place.

And drowned with sleep my eyes did close

And there it hid away

Waiting for when I’d need it next

Waiting for another day.

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