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Sonnets 11 and Other Poems

I composed all of these today.

Newark Northgate Station 2017


I arrived at Clapham one September,

At the place where I'd work twenty years.

There are so many things I remember,

Happy times interspersed with pain and fears.

Mary was my boss. From County Clare she'd

Come, not knowing she'd found a charity.

Her organisation helped those in need,

Showing compassion and humanity.

SHH saw many staff come and go,

But I became a permanent fixture!

Some time ago I needed change, and so

Now I research, and write. A good mixture.

Mary, your dry humor I don't forget;

I hope I will make you very proud yet.


I wish I'd concentrated more at school,

Then I might agree with Edith Piaf!

As it is, in life I'm sometimes a fool,

Quite prone to the occasional gaff.

I like books and discovering things new,

But my attention flares out so broadly!

My lack of focus is a thing I rue;

I seek now to make up for it amply.

A smattering of languages three gained

I at school, Spanish quite the most useful.

My greatest wish that time could be regained

Is vain. I need to make my days fruitful.

Many things I regret. Disappointing

Those who love me the most dispiriting.


O, winged messenger from the heavens,

You communicate to us how to speak

And think, reminding us of what leavens

Our social life, when friendships start to creak!

When crossed with Mars you may us angry make,

With Saturn you grace our speech with wisdom.

Conjoined with Uranus our minds you shake,

Encouraging us to look for freedom.

Thrice-yearly you reinforce your advice,

Providing us with time to consider

Prudent ways. Sharp minds don't need telling twice;

The rest of us you assist to ponder.

Of planets you are the quickest. We need

Your guidance. Let yours be the words we heed.

Tuscan Fragments

Bleached white by the most unforgiving light,

Stones lie undisturbed in the grass.

Poplars, cypresses are a distant sight,

Breathing their grace to all who pass.

Farmhouses, villas dot these rolling hills,

Charles Nicoll living in one such.

O glorious landscape, which calms and stills,

Nowhere could I love quite so much.


Looking one day for Merryweather graves,

Dad and I were well rewarded

With success.I learned that searching staves

Off ennui. He who seeks does find!

I research people's ancient ancestors,

Unearthing secrets old and new.

Keeping far from cretinous detractors

Plow I still my lonely furrow.

Scarborough Bound

The seaside being our destination,

We called at Arram and Cranswick,

Nafferton too, well-kept every station.

Near Flamborough we saw the sea.

Viking place-names, like ancient echoes, we

Came to know; I can hear them still!

Scarborough's castle was a joy to see,

The sands also a true pleasure.

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Sonnets 11 and Other Poems
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