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Sonnet I

Ode to Winter

O’er the break of dawn hath thy clouds come,

And cover skies with their eternal grey.

O how the ancient rolls of white hath won;

Shrouding light and darkening thy day.

Thou misty blanket palls the grass with dew.

Thy placid droplets course the way ahead.

The graceful liquid starting life anew,

Glistening- O, life to it was wed.

Amongst the foggy fields, thou shadow stirs-

Exhale- Displacing cascading silver.

Still flecks of moisture in the breeze do spur,

Freezing over at thy thought of winter.

And though the bed of silky white hath set,

Peaceful remains thy path thee shan't forget. 

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Eyn Ione
Eyn Ione

Hello, my name is Eyn and I love to read and write in my free time! I play many instruments and am an artist as well, though writing is my passion. I write shorts, poems, and am even working on a novel!

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Sonnet I
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