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Somewhere Behind the Drugs

January 10, 2018

You told me for three weeks you have been hiding this.

How could I have not noticed the change of color in your eyes.

Not only red filled, but the blackness where a tender soul used to shine.

Somewhere behind the drugs was a heart full of gold;

Someone who wanted to help everybody.

Now you only help yourself.

Somewhere behind the drugs is a spirit singing praise,

but all I see is hardness on your face.

Somewhere within you is someone who is loved,

but the drugs show a heart evolved. 

Somewhere within lies a choice to use what you know to fight this,

but drugs are easier; they make for a good show. 

Somewhere behind the drugs I see truth and love deep in your eyes.

You know it is the drugs that make you lie. 

Deep down inside you know the truth,

that these toxins will not cure you.

We love you for who you are.

Please stop using this to hide, stop being fake.

Before it is too late.

Somewhere behind the drugs is the real you.

We are waiting...

Somewhere behind the drugs. 

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Somewhere Behind the Drugs
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