Sometimes I Think/I Feel

Stained Glass

Sometimes - I think/I feel

Sometimes I think my feelings aren't pure

Sometimes I feel my thoughts are too obscure

Sometimes I think my feelings aren't real

Sometimes I feel my thoughts can grip steel.

You want Food for thought, this a meal.

Looking to church through a stained glass

Disappointed with myself for my present and past.

How can I be moving so slow

when I'm living so fast?

I have such a tendency to live on E so why do I act so spiritually gassed?

Wondering why he hasn't answered some of the prayers I've asked... then I realize... he can't hear me shouting out to him when I'm wearing a muffled mask.

I can't grow if I choose to stay in this self-molded cast.

Tryna navigate through life on my own, it's no wonder I crashed.

Chasing the word but Being chased by the world... let's see if you can spell. The only difference between me catching the word and the world catching me, is me... is me receiving this "L."

It's like I'm trapped in this hell

I got the keys but I'm waiting for someone else to open the cell.

I just wanna be set free

So why do I continue being this unsatisfied, emptier version... of me? 

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Sometimes I Think/I Feel
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