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A Candidate's Date

Michele Orallo

Sometimes I Scare Myself

Sometimes I laugh out loud

Sometimes I talk to Myself

and feel very Proud, but

the best times are yet when

I will speak aloud for

The Voters to come

Crowds will gather

up in an Uproar

To see the Best Candidates

who will soon to be

When I will speak out loud

for the Voters

are outside patiently

waiting for me

and it is better known

as a Candidate's Home

Take it to the Streets

and say...

What you feel aloud today!

Let Freedom Ring among us all!

Vote Today!

Vote Tomorrow!

It’s all the same

The Winner

Promises, Promises

are all sometimes in Vain!

For no one really cares

if you Win or Lose the Game

Cause the People

will always be in an Uproar

It’s all the same for it’s a

Country's Dream

to always Win again


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