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Something to Say

Be heard.


I have something to say but it

Seems as though you want me to say what

You say but your sayings are obscure


Really do not make much sense to me and

I need to just let you know that your mind is

Different from mine, my time and era too

Valuable I find my time zone I encountered

Without time to waste on the nonsense that most

Want me to believe and accept as poetry

I have something to say and it is to them

Yes to them

Those folks who forgot rhyme and whose stanzas

Are meshed with foolishness of mind games

And nothing to do with my reality and the senses

Of the present past and future flow I behold


I have something to say

Yes I have a lot to say

So I'm saying what I mean

So should you continue doing you

Saying what you say

Saying what you mean

Yes, Say it

Because I'm saying something

And what I have to say make sense to people.

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Something to Say
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