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Something So Simple as Time

'I am guilty of wanting TIME.'

Sarah Cantwell Pinterest

It's something that the majority of people do not pay attention to. 

We pass each other on streets corners, at the grocery stores, taking the kids to school.

Does anyone ever stop to think that simple moment could be the last encounter you share?

Something so simple as TIME.

You know, I try not to ever ask for very much.

I strive to give more than I take.

I earn what I have and am grateful for what I've been given.

But there is one thing that I find myself wanting more of.

I am guilty of wanting TIME.

I often wonder if I am alone in this, or do others feel a selfish neglect when wanting  or expecting quality TIME?

TIME spent with someone who could literally do without the same, or so it appears.

There are all kinds of cruelty, physical and emotional.

When someone you love and care for and design your life around denies you one of life's treasures - the gift of self, you become a stranger to all that you believe to be true.

You begin to question almost everything.

I think that TIME is truly God's greatest gift. 

TIME is the most precious and most valuable gift of them all.

Something that we all are guilty of taking advantage of.

Something that we can't get back once it's gone.

We live to regret once it's not given.

We all ask for more once it slips away.

When someone in your life asks you for something that is so simple and doesn't cost a thing, and it's your TIME, it's YOU, don't deny them.


The denial hurts deep, and it's something that will always be remembered, never be overcome, and always unforgivable.

Rejection is hardest hit when it's the one you care the most for that makes you feel unloved, unwanted, and unworthy of something so simple

as TIME. 

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Something So Simple as Time
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