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Something Beautiful About Disaster

A Poem by Cheyenne

There's something beautiful about disaster, about how the rain pours from the sky, and the clouds move with the thunder and lighting,

About how a tornado twirls with the wind like its softly dancing with nature and doesn't see the destruction in its wake.

About how the sea and the land collide with each other like two lovers falling into each other for the first time.

Or about how the earth shakes with a violent force strong enough to hear around the world.

Or how the flames Cascade against the land it's burning. There is something beautiful about the world destroying itself

Breaking itself piece by piece, screaming wanting to be heard. There is something beautiful about disaster

Because just like us sometimes the world needs to destroy itself to build itself back up again, to find itself in the parts that broke in two,

And to regain its strength, to show us its power, to take back its self worth that we took away.

There is something beautiful about disaster because even though it destroys everything it creates a new beginning.


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Something Beautiful About Disaster
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